About Us

Aboutautomotive.net, which started broadcasting in February 2021, before it started broadcasting; It has entered into detailed research by considering what internet users want to read and how to serve better. Although it has just been opened, it serves in 8 important categories that fall within the field of technology.

Our team aims to produce user-oriented content services together with professional content experts who have worked with many projects before. Our website, which received positive reactions even in the first days of its publication, draws its way in line with the criticism of our visitors.

Our Mission

As the Aboutautomotive.net team, our biggest goal is to provide original and quality content to the internet world, which is wasted especially in the automotive sector. In line with this goal, our other indispensable goal is to be the best quality site in the automotive industry with the support of our visitors. We have an expert editorial staff who controls and edits the content from our content team so that the articles on our site are of the quality that our users want. This intense desire to work in order for our visitors to have the content they deserve will never be lost.