How To Put Oil In Car – Installing Your Own Oil Filter

When we talk about how to put oil in the car, we usually consider the engine as the main component. And the most common question that comes up is “How much should I put?” However, there are some points you have to take into consideration before you decide what quantity to use.

Let’s take a look:

Location: Where you are going to use the oil will determine how much you should use. In general most of the cars are driven on roads and streets. They are driven over rough or uneven surfaces. This will cause wear on the engine. The engine will also suffer from stress. The mixture will be hot when the engine is running and it will have to cool down.

Quality of the Fuel: A good brand of gas has quality oil. The difference between the two is the density of the oil. Oil with less density will allow the air to pass through it, but the car will have problems breathing. If you use too much oil, the engine will be overheating and you will drain the oil through the radiator very quickly.

Timing: It’s important to know how to put oil in the car according to the exact time the engine needs it. If you wait for the oil to build up, you will drain the oil and risk ruining the engine. This is the reason why most mechanics recommend the proper timing of the oil change.

How Should We Put Oil

There are different recommendations on how to put oil in the car according to the engine’s temperature and the driving conditions. In cold conditions, it’s better to use lighter amounts. In warmer conditions though, the amount of oil to be used must be heavier so that the engine can run smoother.

Location: One of the easiest ways on how to put oil in the car is by driving it into the garage. Of course, you have to be careful when doing this so that there are no accidents. However, some cars don’t have enough garage space to hold the full amount of oil needed. In such cases, you can always park it in your driveway or under the sun. Some mechanics recommend that you let the oil soak in the rain as well.

Number of hours: The amount of time the car needs to be driven depends on how well you maintain it. The more you drive it, the longer the oil gets soaked. It’s best that you drive the car for only two hours in a session. However, if you have a car that requires two full sessions of driving every day, then you can surely consider it as long as it’s only during the day. This way, you can make sure that the oil stays in the right place and doesn’t go wasted.

The tools we need when pouring oil

Once you know how to put oil in the car, you should learn about the tools you will need. If you’re planning to perform the task yourself, you can easily purchase one from any hardware store or you can also rent a mechanic. However, if you don’t want to be bothered by someone else while you do your job, you can always opt for taking your car to a mechanic. Just make sure that you have your owner’s manual with you so you can ask for help on anything that you don’t understand. You might be asking how to put oil in the car, but you’ll know better once you get down to the process.

Before starting off your task, you need to drain out all the oil from your car. Use a rag and soak up all the oil until all of it is drained out. After that, remove the oil filter from your car and set it aside.

Then you need to locate your oil filter under your hood. The easiest way to do this is to use a flashlight so you can spot it easily. Then, you can remove the oil filter and drain it too – this process is usually quite easy because there will only be one drain hole.

Now, it’s time to locate your new oil filter. Place it carefully so you won’t get it stuck anywhere and so you won’t lose it. With the filter in hand, you can insert it into the oil tank and fill up the tank with new oil. You need to repeat this process as the other holes in your engine is emptied. So now, how to put oil in the car doesn’t sound like such a difficult thing anymore, does it?

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